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Strowbridges or Strawbridges of Northumberland

County, Pennsylvania.

Besides Thomas Strawbridge of the preceding section, who is known to have been a member of the Chester co. family, there were several others of the name in that portion of Northumberland co., Pa., which is now known as Columbia co., and, without much doubt, all the persons of the name in that section of Pennsylvania were related.

From Mrs. Mary H. (Bodman) Strowbridge have been received most of the records of the descendants of Justus Strawbridge as the public records spell his surname, though according to Mrs. Strowbridge the name was originally Strowbridge, but on account of an error in some document, the owner or owners of it afterward adopted the error rather than risk losing their title to certain property. A portion of the descendants of Justus Strawbridge afterward returned to the older mode of spelling, particularly the branch of the family now living in Oregon, and of which Mrs. Strowbridge referred to is a member.

Mrs. Strowbridge states that there were three brothers, William, Philip, and Justus Strowbridge, who emigrated from Scotland, and it is found that they all died in Northumberland co., Pa. It is hardly likely that they came from Scotland, but rather from the North of Ireland. The little that is known of William and Philip Strawbridge was obtained from the records of Columbia co., Pa., and is as follows:

1. “WILLIAM STRAWBRIDGE d. 1832; letters of admin. were granted on his estate to John M. Reynolds ; his widow’s name was Mary.”

2. “PHILIP STRAWBRIDGE d. in 1815, probably; letters of administration were granted that year to James Strawbridge.”