Letter from Herbert Welsh to his Half-Sister Anna Maria Welsh, Nov. 21, 1862

The letter below was written by Herbert Welsh when he was ten years old, to his half-sister, Anna Maria Welsh. He was at home in Philadelphia and she was in New York.

Dear Sister

                I heard that you received my letter and I thought I would write you another one so I have commenced this. I want to tell you a funny thing. The other night when sister Lillie went up to Mrs. Young’s to tea, Mrs. Young told her that she had told Katy that she must not eat any more hotcakes at night. Katy answered back that is the way the little Welsh’s are brought up. You know it was such a funny thing for her to say.

Willie Goldsborough is here yet. I asked if he was a rebel and he said he was not.

Give my love to Miss Lord and Cousin Sophy. And tell Miss Lord that she must come in to the city of Brotherly love and I want to know if you dear sister will not write to me right off away. So now I must bid you good by. Keep lots of love for your self and 10000000 kises from me. Good by good by. Your’s truly

Herbert Welsh