James Strawbridge
James Strawbridge, 1755-1805, Son of Immigrant Ancestor John Strawbridge


This site is the new location for Strawbridge Family History, a site I originally set up in the early 1990s to make available the documents and other information I have accumulated over the years for my particular line of Strawbridge relatives. That line goes back to John Strawbridge, who lived from about 1717 to 1768 and came to America from Ireland in 1752. There also is considerable information about some of my Sailer relatives, because my mother came from the Sailer family in Philadelphia.

An earlier version of this site originally was hosted at http://users.erols.com/aswhite, and then it was hosted at http://home.comcast.net/~dukeukem. As of March 2016, the erols.com address is functioning again after a long period of inactivity. However, I have copied all of the information from that site to this location, which I hope will be the permanent home for the site, at least as long as I am working on it.  The comcast.net address is not working.

I will continue to add information as I find it, but only at this site; the erols.com site will have only the older information.

I welcome input, corrections, questions, and information from any interested persons.