Ann Taylor Strawbridge Kent, 1811-1881

This is another relative whose photograph I found in an old album that had some names written in it by my grandmother. This person was identified as “Kent, was Strawbridge,” which led me to conclude that she is Ann Taylor Strawbridge, who lived from April 6, 1811 to January 1, 1881. She married William C. Kent, whose photograph also appears in the album, on the page next to her page. Here is his photograph, which was identified as “Mr. Kent” in the photo album:

William C. Kent, Husband of Ann Taylor Strawbridge

According to the information I have, Ann Taylor Strawbridge married twice, once to Peter Browne and another time to William C. Kent. I don’t have the date for either marriage, but there apparently were children of the marriage to Peter Browne, including John Coats Browne, who was alive as of 1912, when he was mentioned in a newspaper article about Strawbridge family history.