Information About Van Sise Ancestry

Here is some information I found in 1998 about the Van Sise family:

I received in the mail a terrific  book of family history from a cousin, with a good section on Van Sise ancestors and other
relatives.  I knew very little about them before. There’s a wealth of information in the book, not just names and dates. There are spelling variations for some of these people, such as Vansise or Van Sise, and even Van Syth.

My great-great grandmother, Jane Van Sise West, died 7/13/1894. Her father was
Joseph Vansise, a sea captain, born in New York City about 1759, died
Philadelphia 1/8/1810. He married Jane Lowry 6/25/1782 in Philadelphia.

Joseph Vansise was the son of Cornelius Van Syce, who was baptized
9/15/1723. His mother was Ann Vansise; he may have been a shipwright in New
York City. He married Martha Thomas.

Cornelius was the son of Joost Van Seyse, baptized probably 2/26/1699, in
New York; he was buried there 8/8/1727. In 1718 he married Antje, or Ann,

That Cornelius was the son of Cornelius Joosten, later Cornelius Joosten Van
Seysen, who was baptized 10/13/1666, and buried 10/25/1733. He married
Catherine De Hart, or Van der Hart, who died in New York 4/15/1742.

Cornelius Joosten was the son of Joost, or Joseph, Carelse. According to
this book, he was an ancestor of the Van Syce or Vansise family of New York
and Philadelphia, and was an early settle of New Amsterdam, where he was
found as early as 1653. In about 1657 he married Styntie, or Christina,
Jans. They had quite a few children.