John Sailer, 1840-1913

John Sailer’s Letter to His Son Joseph in 1900

Letter from John Sailer to his son Joseph Sailer, September 15, 1900 [handwritten; no envelope] This Joseph Sailer later married Mary Lowber Strawbridge.

Bryn Mawr 9/15/00
Dear Joe

I received to-day letters from Powers and yourself. This being Saturday I was not at the office, but they telephoned me. Tell Powers they sent the money to Bill and himself as directed, only the Telegraph Co would not receive it for Jamestown so I had to send it by Express. I also sent $100 by Express to the Wambeck [?].

I am very sorry Powers is not well, and am very glad you were there to take him to the White Mountains. I don’t think there is any necessity for you to hurry home and if you can be of any service to Powers I would stay, it will also do you good. We have had some very hot weather since you left, last Tuesday being one of the most oppressive days this summer. It is cooler to-day with prospects of a storm. It is a fine day for Tennis however, cool and no sun. Daisy, Jack and I have been at [it?] all the morning. Jack says he is almost rid of his cold, and has certainly had very little trouble with it this time. Anna is still away with the Stoddards and is over at Winnipeg. We received a letter this morning, saying she was having a fine time. They expect to come home next week. We go to the City next Wednesday week but go to Atlantic City for a week, while the house is being put in order. Lucy Holland spends next week with us. The Bryn Mawr Horse Show is also next week. We are all well and getting along nicely. Give my kind regards to Powers.