Letter from George S. Ledyard to Sarah Strawbridge, 1865

 Cazenovia Sept. 29, 1865

My dear Cousin

Your recent letter enclosing check on N.Y. for $230. came duly to hand and would have been acknowledged before but Helen promised to do so when she wrote you a day or two ago & I deferred until I could have more leisure.

You must permit me to return you of that amount $105. (in my check on Mechanic Bk. N.Y.) for Helen, the balance $125. loaned Cousin James at different times while at Fort Delaware & when here I will retain as repayment for borrowed money, but the amount sent you by Helen was not in the nature of a loan and I return it to you at her request. She has probably explained her wishes to you in her letter.

We are glad to hear that you are all so well & comparatively comfortable. Here we are all well. I suppose Helen has told you how I am blessed with another daughter. I hope some time I shall have the pleasure of introducing your new cousin to you. All join me in kind remembrances to Aunt Fanny, Yourself & brothers. Your affectionate Cousin,

G.S. Ledyard