Letter from John Denise Ledyard to John Paine

Following is the text of a letter written by John Denise Ledyard, husband of Jane Strawbridge Ledyard, from his home in Cazenovia. The handwriting is somewhat difficult to decipher, so one or two words may be incorrect here, but the overall sense is intact. This letter comes from the historical archives at Lorenzo in Cazenovia, New York:

Cazenovia 15 Apr. 1848

John Paine Esq.

Dear Sir:

Mrs. Ledyard’s brother, Mr. Strawbridge of New Orleans, is about sending his youngest son to the Rensselaer Institute, and being entirely unknown in Troy, wished me to certify to the character of Master Alexander to some one known to us. Offering this I can do without hesitation for the lad has spent some of his summer vacations with us, and I thought I never knew a finer boy and have no doubt his habits and principles are now equally good.

Besides, not one of the boys (4) but have turned out well, so I think that the authoring of the report will meet with no trouble from this one.

Will you be so kind as to make a presentation to this effect to Principal, which is required by the rules of the schools.

I know you will excuse me for the trouble I am giving you for old acquaintance sake, if no other, and believe me respectfully and truly yours.


P.S. Will you be so kind as to send me the circular or printed terms of the school.