Letter from Thomas Gilpin to Jane Strawbridge Ledyard, 1852

This letter was written by Thomas Gilpin to his cousin Jane Strawbridge Ledyard at Cazenovia, New York.

Philadelphia 27 Nov. 1852

Jane Ledyard

My dear Cousin!

I intended to write thee again since the receipt of thy note of the 5. inst. on the completion of the diagram of our branch of the Gilpin family – but this owing to delay for information has not been accomplished till a short time since and now just returned me by the engraver.
I have therefore made up a note, to go in company with this by the mail – and have put with it another, more perfect impression of the English descent – a view of the original Family Manison of Kentmere ancient and new – and a likeness I have just had engraved of Bernard Gilpin – these I venture to ask may be kindly regarded and preserved, as the venerated Sampler of the name-sake the amiable Jane Parker.
-The View of Kentmere is taken from a drawing, made at its date by Ann Maury, who permits me to put her name to it and the likeness of Bernard Gilpin from the best print I could obtain-and it is so handsome, it must be a true one as it is a general resemblance to so many Members of the Family.
After the receipt of the letter I waited on Mrs. Kent from whom I had a note induced by the request to give me an account of Mrs. Borden’s family, and her own – all of which are duly added in place – but my delay has been caused by my not receiving sooner from our Cousin Mary Gilpin of Elkton Md. the particulars respecting her Brother Dtc. [doctor?] John Gilpin’s family of Kittaning.
I cannot now rely upon completing all my papers, by New Year’s ay – owing also to my not being so personally able to confirm all my anticipations – I took the liberty to mention it in a former letter – because as Ladies are active correspondents I thought in these telegraphic days I might be called on to account for information from abroad which could not be obtained at home.
I omitted by inattention to reply to thy enquiry respecting my brother’s family – its residence is here – Mary Gilpin my Sister – his widow lives near me – and she is near my age, in good health – Sarah her eldest daughter who knows thee lives with her as does also Mary and Richard a Gilpin – Elizabeth (Maury) lives with her family Matthew Maury and her two children in New York – Henry D. Gilpin and his wife live here, but have returned not long since from a summer tour from every where westward – Kentucky, Ohio, New York – Canada & – and William the youngest who has from his early life, been fondly devoted to “the tented field” – has, after various military arrangement up and down the Mississippi and in a Florida campain with a land tour in 1841 to the Pacific – and in Donaphan’s Long March – settled I hope at rest at Independence Mo. – a Farmer – and a Lawyer – his March thro’ Life has been wholly of his own selecting – attended with perseverance – prudence – and discretion.
Respectfully – thy affectionate Cousin
-Thomas Gilpin


A note written on the back of my copy of this letter (which may have been written on the original), says:


Mr. Gilpin completed his task to distributed [sic] his genealogical diagram about Christmas – and died March 3d 1853 – in the 77th year of his age (b. 10 Sept. 1776).