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JOSEPH STRAWBRIDGE of Westwood, Md., is the first
of the name in America of whom any account has been found.

In the land records at Baltimore, liber R. M., No. H. S.,
folio 237, is recorded a bond from Thomas Scudamore to JOS-
EPH STRAWBRIDGE, carpenter, for the conveyance of “West-
wood,” on Back river, containing 700 acres, dated Aug. 2 1687.

A note, or partial account of the administration of JOSEPH
STRAWBRIDGE, is found in Admn. Accts., No. 2, folio 213.

In Will Book No. I, folio 62, is found the will of SARAH
STRAWBRIDGE, widow, ”executrix” of Joseph Strawbridge. She
only mentions the following children by name, and seems to
have been married twice. Bequests: “To MARY HARDING, I
gold ring; to SUSANNA STRAWBRIDGE, I gold ring and I cow
and calf.”

SAMUEL HARDING, another child, is also mentioned, and
she wishes all her children to be kept at her plantation, on
Back river, until they are of age. Nicholas Heale is named
as executor, and the Will is probated Apr. 22, 1699. Signed,


An account of Nicholas Heale, administrator of her estate, is
given in Admn. Accts., No. I, folio 7.

Should this work come to the notice of any descendant of
Joseph and Sarah Strawbridge, the author hopes that he or she
will at once communicate with her. It is not impossible that
some of the Strawbridges mentioned in this work are descend-
ants of Joseph, of “Westwood,” Md.