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REV. THOMAS STRAWBRIDGE of Carndonagh, Co. Donegal, Ire., 1714 to 1762, and his descendants in Ireland and America.*

NOTE. Early in 1889 the author of this work wrote to Ireland in the hope of learning something about her own Strobridge ancestors from records there-she knew only that her ancestors came from “Donagh,” Ireland. Below will be found the reply to her letter, from which it will be seen that the place from which it was written was, and is still called “Donagh,” and in all probability the writer of the letter is settled over the very Church from which the author’s ancestors, William and Margaret (Henry) Strobridge, received, in 1722, their letters of dismissal to an American church.

At first it seemed as though it might be possible to trace the relationship which undoubtedly existed between William Strobridge and Rev. Thomas Strawbridge of Cardnonagh but the idea had to be abandoned for lack of data. – M. S. P. G.


“CARNDONAGH MANSE., CO. Donegal, April 10, 1889


“As far as I can find out, Thomas Strawbridge came from Belfast, as an Irish-speaking missionary, to Innishowen, tile district from Londonderry to Malin Head, between Loughs Foyle and Swilly-in the year 1714–which position lie held for seven years when lie recived a call from this, Donagh, congregation, which occupies the centre of Innishowen. Here he was ordained in 1721, and died here in April, 1762, after a ministry of over forty years.

“Rev. Thomas Strawbridge, Oct. 3, 1721, to April 2, 1762; died.

“Rev. Robert Scott, ordained NOV. 22, 1777, to Oct. 1, 1803: died.

“Rev. Reuben Rogers, ordained Sept. 27, 1808, to Feb. 12, 1846.

“These three ministers are given as somewhat associated in various ways.
Rev. Thomas Strawbridge lived at Rockmount, which in his day was a

* Since this section was prepared a fact has come to light which proves that Rev. Thomas and the Chester co., Pa., Strawbridges belonged to the same branch, although the exact relationship is not yet discovered.