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manse, With four acres Irish land attached. At his death, the manse and farm went to his family, who occupied it until Thomas Strawbridge, grandson of Rev. Thomas, sold it to Rev. Reuben in 1810, when he and his family emigrated to America. Mrs. Porter, a daughter of Mr. Rogers (a lady 76 yrs. of’ age) still occupies it.

” The father of Thomas , jr., was probably Jack ( ? ) or Thomas. At any rate he succeeded well, and for Thomas, jr., built at Rockmount about 1785, a fine house, leaving the old manse to his (Thomas’) mother and sisters.

“These sisters were three in number, one married Rev. Robert Scott of Carndonagh. When Thomas emigrated, 1810, there were left here his two unmarried sisters, Margery and Jennie, and Mrs. Scott’s family.

“Margery and Jennie lived on at Rockmount with Rev. Reuben Rogers for a year or two, but finally Jennie went to lodgings in Carndonagh where she died 1820. Margery went to live with her niece, daughter of Mrs. Scott, who had married Rev. Dr. Alexander, Covenanting minister, Belfast. Rev. Robert Scott had two daughters, one married to Rev. Dr. Alexander, the other to Mr. James Stevenson of Toberneil, near Raphoe. After Mr. Stevenson’s death, Mrs. Stevenson, her four sons and two daughters, emigrated to America, about thir ty years ago, and settled at Springfield, Ill.

“Rev. Dr. Alexander had two sons and one daughter, one was Rev. Jacob Alexander of Edinburgh, Scotland; the other, Rev. Robert Scott Alexander of Edinburgh, Scotland. The daughter married in Belfast.

“J. Scott Alexander, 23 Magdala Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland ordained St. David’s church, 1844.*

With best wishes, yours sincerely,


“P. S. I may add that I lodged with Mrs. Porter two years since I came here, in the house built by Mr. Strawbridge. Mrs. Porter is 76, and
knows more about the than most people in this locality.”

From the foregoing letter and a record obtained from Powers’ “Early Settlers of Sangamon Co., Il.,” by Mr. Charles Heber Strawbridge of Chicago, the following genealogy has been arranged:


REV. THOMAS STRAWBRIDGE, of English extraction, is traced to Belfast, Ire., thence to Carndonagh (or Donagh),
Co. Donegal, Ire., where he lived from 1714 to 1762, as a minister of the Presbyterian denomination; was ordained Oct. 1721, and d. Apr. 2, 1762. His manse was called Rockmount, and went to his family at his death.



2 i JACK2.
3 ii. THOMAS.

*This is probably the address of Rev. Jacob Alexander above.