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Chester County (Pennsylvania) Branch.

Doubtless the first of the Strawbridge name to settle in Chester co., Pa., was JAMES, who had conveyed to him by William Peters and Richard Hockley, attorneys for Christiana and Gulielma Penn, on Jan. 18, 1759, “a certain piece of land situate on Elk River, Chester county, part of a tract of 5000 acres, and of
Fagg’s Manor.” (Land Records of Chester co., Pa.)

His wife’s name was Margaret, and it is probably true, as some of their descendants claim, that they emigrated from the north of Ireland, although of English ancestry more or less remote. James Strawbridge was undoubtedly related to, perhaps a brother of, Rev. Thomas Strawbridge of Section II.*

William C. Strawbridge, Esq., of Philadelphia, a descendant of James and Margaret Strawbridge, and the present owner of the property above referred to, gives an account of the manner in which it descended from the Penn family, as follows:

“May 16, 1737, letters-patent, John Penn, Thomas Penn, Richard Penn, Proprietors and Governors of the province of Pennsylvania to Letitia Aubrey.

“July 20, 1744, will of Letitia Aubrey, devising said land to William Penn, her nephew, for his life, and afterwards to Christiana Gulielma Penn. William Penn survived Letitia Aubrey, but died in the lifetime of Christiana Gulielma Penn, whereby Christiana became seized in her own right of the tract of land, consisting of 5000 acres, which was known as Fagg’s Manor.

“March 5, 1755, letter of attorney granted by Christiana Gulielma Penn to William Peters and Richard Hockley of Philadelphia.

“January 18, 1739, deed of Christiana Gulielma Penn by her

*Mr, Thomas Strawbridge of Ottawa, Kan., a descendant of Rev. Thomas Strawbridge, has informed tile author that Dr Strawbridge of Danville, Pa., a cousin (?) of his father, visited at his father’s some years ago. As Doctor Strawbridge was himself a descendant of James, the Chester co. settler, the connection seems to be established.