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Attorneys, William Peters and Richard Hockley, conveying a piece of said land to JAMES STRAWBRIDGE.” *

The names of the children of James and Margaret Strawbridge, as given by William C. Strawbridge, Esq., are as follows:


5 iv. MARY. (Did she marry a Mitchell ? Her sister Christiana mentions in her will her ” loving neice, Christiana Mitchell,” and nephew James
S. Mitchell.


JOSEPH STRAWBRIDGE2, son Of JAMES (1). The land records of Chester co., Pa. (Deed Book W, p. 315), show that by a deed dated Apr. 28, 1764, James Strawbridge and Margaret his wife, of Londonderry township, Chester co., Pa., conveyed to their son, Joseph Strawbridge, of tile same place, a lot of land containing one hundred and sixty acres, it being a part of the tract purchased by James Strawbridge, Jan.18, 1759.

By another deed, dated Aug. 10, 1782 (Deed Book W, p. 277), he received from John Finney and wife forty-two acres in Londonderry.

And by a third deed, dated June 22, 1786, given by Peter Gaskill et al.., attorneys, he received one hundred and twelve acres of land situate in John Fagg’s “Manner,” Chester co., Pa. (Deed Book Q, p. 409). He d. unm. and intestate, previous to Jan., 1814, when a petition was presented by James Strawbridge in the Orphan’s court, Chester co., Pa., praying the court to make partition of the real estate. The jury found that the estate could not be divided, and it was adjudicated to James Strawbridge, he having consented to take it. (W. C. Strawbridge Esq.)

The land conveyed to Joseph Strawbridge by John Finney, Aug. 10, 1782, is included in the estate owned in Penn township (formerly Londonderry) by W. C. Strawbridge, Esq., and descended from the Penn family as follows :

April 3, 1740, letter of attorney, Letitia Aubrey to James Logan and William Logan, attorneys, in fact, to patent, locate, and convey her land in Pennsylvania.

*Mr. William C. Strawbridge informs us that he has seen old deeds relating to his property in Penn township (formerly Londonderry), Chester co., Pa., which were signed “Strobridge.” This may be considered proof positive that Strobridge and Strawbridge are identical.