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“Feb. 5, 1745, deed of Letitia Aubrey by her attorneys, in fact, James Logan and William Logan to Robert Brown.
“Sept. 30, 1765, deed of Robert Brown to William Kerr.
“Aug. 26, 1775, deed of William Kerr and wife to John Finney.
“Aug. 10, 1782, deed of John Finney and wife to Joseph Strawbridge.”




“First, I nominate my trusty friend Walter Finney and my affectionate Nephew Joseph Strawbridge Executors of this my last will.
“Item I devise and bequeath unto my affectionate loving Neice Christianna Mitchell the sum Of ‘;532.
“Item I devise and bequeath to my Nephew James S. Mitchell the sum of $266.
“Item I devise and bequeath to my loving neice Christiana Montgomery the sum of $200.
“Item I devise and bequeath to my loving neice Christiann Giffin $200.*
“Item I give and devise to my affectionate Nephew Joseph Strawbridge $2000–, eight day clock. all my tables chairs feather beds and bedding, one looking glass with all house and kitchen furniture which is my property.
“My reason for leaving my Nephew Joseph Strawbridge so much more than my other legatees is this, he lived with his uncle Joseph Strawbridge now deceased intestate who always said he would leave him in full possesion of the farm he lives on with the buiIdings. My desire now is to enable him to purchase it. should there be any over plus money more than will pay the Legacies herein specified it is my will that it be equally divided between my brother James Strawbridge’s three Sons Share and Share alike.
“Dated Oct 1, 1814.
“Before signing and sealing I do make this codicil and it is my will that my Nephew Joseph Strawbridge shall have my Mulatto Girl named Hannah until she is 25 years of age at which time it is my will she shall be free.
“Probated Aug. 22, 182 2.


THOMAS STRAWBRIDGE2, son Of JAMES (1), tanner, and wife, MARGARET (Montgomery), of Londonderry township Chester co., Pa., by an indenture dated Apr. 27, 1764, granted and conveyed to James Strawbridge a certain piece of land in Londonderry.

* This was evidently her grandneice, a granddaughter of her brother Thomas, and the bequest which precedes it was perhaps to another grandneice and namesake, although she had a neice named Christiana married to Daniel Montgomery.