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31 * ii ANN DALE, b. JULY 8, 1817; m. SAMUEL SHANNON and WILLIAM C.
32* iii THOMAS, b. June 14, 1819; m. MRS. ELIZABETH DALE.
33* iv JAMES DALE. Apr. 6, 1823; m. EMILY AGNEW and ELLEN V. BUTLER.
34* v. SAMUEL DALE, b. Aug. 31, 1825; served through the late war, in which
he held the rank of colonel; res. (1891) in Philadelphia; unm.
35 vi MARY JANE, b. Mch. 15, 1828; d. May 27. 1842.


JAMES STRAWBRIDGE3, Son Of JAMES (6). m. MARY OLDEN. In the records of Columbia co., Pa., it is noted that James Strawbridge was chosen in 1815, to administer the estate of Philip Strawbridge, deceased. It seems more than probable that he was the same James whose name heads this paragraph, and also that he was a relative of the man whose estate he settled. Allowing these two presumptions it follows that there was a relationship between the Strawbridge families of Chester and Columbia cos., Pa., a point which the author would be glad to see established. [The author kindly invites Correction if she has erred in her conclusions.]

The following excerpts from the Columbia co. records undoubtedly refer to members of the family of James (6):
“Letters of Admin. granted to John Shearer, 1848, on estate of JAMES STRAWBRIDGE, JR., of Derry township, Col. co., Pa., wife’s name MARY.”

“Feb. 16, 1824, MARY STRAWBRIDGE gave deeds to Hugh Allen, Jesse Fennton, MARY B. STRAWBRIDGE.

“Same date, Thos. M oorehead, Jos. Hutchison, JAMES STRAWBRIDGE, MARY STRAWBRIDGE, Robert Templeton est. to MARY B. STRAWBRIDGE.

Mary B. Strawbridge late of Warren co., Ill., letters de bonis non were granted on the 9th day of January, 1844, unto Eli Wilson of Danville. She probably died in Illinois, and letters of Admin. were originally granted in this county (Columbia) on the 18th day of May, 1843, to Samuel Wilson. She formerly lived in Derry township, Col. co., Pa., and the records say that the principal part of her goods and chattels and estate were in Derry twp.”

According to W. C. Strawbridge, Esq., of Philadelphia, James Strawbridge and Mary Olden had a son,

36 i. JAMES4, who m. about 1870 (?) and d. at Columbia, Pa., within the last four or five years (1886 or 7 ?).