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York County (Pennsylvania) Branch.

1 was, according to the statement of his granddaughter, the late Mrs. Martha (Strawbridge) Brown, the name of the ancestor of this branch of the Strawbridge Family. No positive evidence as to his place of residence has been obtained, but it is believed by many of his descendants that he came direct from England to America, although some claim that he was front the north of Ireland. One branch of his descendants has the tradition that he was an Englishman of rank, who was disinherited by his family on account of marrying a Scotch girl of inferior position. Where lie lived after coming to America, who his wife was, or when they died, it is not possible to ascertain.


2* i. JOSEPH
2, b. June 24, 1773; 111. ELIZABETH BOND and NANCY (Bankhead) NICHOLS (Some lists give Joseph as the fourth child, but
this could hardly have been the case, if, as some descendants think, his father was born about 1750.)
3* ii. THOMAS, m.
4* iii. JOHN, m.
5* iv. ISAAC, m.
6* v. ABRAHAM, m. REBECCA ———-; no ch.
7 vi. SARAH, m. ——— EWING; had son ENOCH and another child.
8* vii. ROBERT.



2, son of JOSEPH (1), was b. June 24, 1773, where has not been ascertained. The oldest deed recorded in York co., Pa., in the Strawbridge name, is a deed of 146 acres and 68 perches in Fawn township, York co., Pa.,