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108 vi. EMANUEL, b. Sept. 28, 1839; d. at hospital, Murfreesboro’, Tenn., Jan. 19, 1863.
110* viii. SARAH, b. July 10, 1841; m. SAMUEL NOYER.
111* ix . HARRIET, b. June 29, 1844; m. DANIEL IBACH.
112 x. E LIZABETH, d.
113 xi. ELLEN, d.
114 xii. DAVID, b. about 1848; m. JENNIE L’AMPHERE, b. at Coxsackie, N Y. (father from Connecticut; mother from Duchess co., N. Y., of the Quaker sect); res. St. Louis, Mo. Mr. Strawbrige is vice-president of Home Novelty Nlfg. Co.


3, son of THOMAS (3), was b. 1805, in Lancaster co., Pa.; m. ——– HOFFMAN, a lady of German parentage. They rem. about 1837 to Southern Ohio. He d. 1871, in Cincinnati, where his wife had also d. in 1841.


115 i. MARY
4, b. 1834; m. ——- TRIPP, who d; Mrs. Tripp res. (1890) in Quincy, Ill.

NOTE. As it would be manifest injustice to withold Mrs. Tripp’s statement in regard to her ancestry, it is given in her own words, as follows: “All I know of my father’s family is as follows. He was born in Lancaster co., Pa., in 1805, of English extraction. My mother’s maiden name was Hoffman and she was German, for she taught me to speak that language. Grandfather Strawbridge was born in Gloucester, England; of that I am positive. My father had every appearance of an E nglishman.”


3, son of JOHN (4), m. —— ——.


116 i. JAMES
117 ii. SALLIE, m. ——- TAYLOR.


3, son of JOHN (4), was b. Nov. 29, 1805, in Fawn township, Pa.; m. GRIZELLA McDONALD (of Scotch descent), who was b. in Hopewell township, Pa., within three miles of her husband’s birthplace; d. May, 1887. Mr. Strawbridge was a farmer and also kept a country store. His dwelling was in Fawn township, but a part of his farm was in Hopewell. He was postmaster at Strawbridge (Fawn town