Georg Sauter, 1866-1937

This photograph is of a person who, as far as I know, is not connected to my family tree in any way. I believe he may be Georg Sauter, an artist from Germany who lived from 1866 to 1937. This photograph was found among a group of family pictures, and has handwritten notes on its back saying “Mr. Sauter, artist” and “G.S. on our balcony.” There is no indication of who wrote the notes, though the handwriting looks like that of my grandmother, Mary Lowber Strawbridge Sailer. Members of her family, including her mother, Alice Welsh Strawbridge, often traveled to Europe, and it could be that they encountered Mr. Sauter at work, or that Mr. Sauter came to their balcony or that of a friend to work. In any event, I am posting this image just because it is an interesting one with a bit of mystery accompanying it. I could not find an image of Georg Sauter in an online search, so it may be hard to verify if this is, indeed, the artist.