Guest List for Welsh Family Reunion in Philadelphia in 1936

Inside an envelope that was found inside the back of the Maris family history book was a typed copy of the guest book for the Welsh family reunion of 1936. Here are the contents of that list:


Mt. Airy, Philadelphia

Copy of Guest Book of

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Somers Smith, Jr.

October 17th, 1936

Lawrence Perkins

J. Somers Smith

Mr. and Mrs. J. Somers Smith, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wood

Hope Cooper Wood

Nancy Cooper Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Paul Busch

Emilie Smith Busch

Howard Lapsley

Josephine H. Lapsley

Mr. and Mrs. W. Heyward Myers

Helen Tiers Houghton

John Welsh Dulles

Elizabeth Winston Dulles

Julia Campbell Dulles

Edith Welsh Drayton

Harry Coleman Drayton

Newbold Drayton

Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Bartow

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Imbrie

Mr. and Mrs. Shirley McCall

Miriam G. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Welsh, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Powel Griffitts

Mr. and Mr. Charles Heckscher

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Smith

Frances Stokes Weeks

Mr. and Mrs. Lowber Stokes

Ruth C. Stokes

Harry C. Stokes

Lindley Welsh Tiers

Alice Welsh Tiers, Jr.

Alice Welsh Tiers

Mary Lowber Tiers

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mullen

Walter Stokes

Thomas Stokes

John W. Stokes

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Sharp

David B. Sharp, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Welsh Strawbridge

John C. Welsh

Edna M. Welsh

Charles Newbold Welsh, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welsh

Sallie Haskell Allen

Francis Olcott Allen

Mr. and Mrs. D. Leaming Smith

Harriet N. Dulles

Sophia Heatley Dulles

Fernanda B. Bartow

Francis Allen Bartow

Louis Haskell Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Cushman Newhall

Ellen Newhall

Margaret Lapsley Post

Nina D. Lapsley

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Talbutt

Emily P. Dixon

Maris W. Madeira

Louis C. Madeira, IV

Katherine Snyder Shands

Agnes Horner Shands

George King Shands

Richard Eppes Shands

Frances Ellen Clark

Howard Lapsley Hitchcock

Mr. and Mrs. Heatley C. Dulles

Louise Allen Purves

Elizabeth Dulles Allen

Anne West Strawbridge

Priscilla Sailer Deaver

J. Montgomery Deaver

W. Wilson White

Joseph Sailer, Jr.

Louise Strawbridge

Russell Perkins

Evelyn Virginia Willing

Samuel Welsh

Sarah Welsh

Mary Sailer White