Julia Elizabeth Strawbridge Borden, 1818-1887

I did not know much about this relative until I found a photograph in an old family album. Fortunately, my grandmother, Mary Lowber Strawbridge Sailer, wrote the names of the subjects of the photos under some of the pictures, including the one shown above. This person was identified as the grandmother of the Loyds, and as a Borden who formerly was a Strawbridge. From those notes I concluded that this is Julia Elizabeth Strawbridge, who lived from December 20, 1818 to September 9, 1887. She had a twin brother, Thomas. Julia married Samuel W. Borden on April 17, 1843. Samuel was born July 13, 1818, and died on April 17, 1857. Their daughter, whose name I don’t know, married William Henry Lloyd or Loyd, so the facts fit the description in the photo album.