Letter from Herbert Welsh to his Sister Anna Maria Welsh in New York, Nov. 16, 1862

Dear sister

I hope you are having a pleasant time in New York. The other day when I was walking in to this room I went to put the bell down into place (for I had been ringing the bell). I heard something fall down and I looked round and saw that your flower had fallen from that little table. It tumbled on its head and hurt its self pretty badly, but sister Lillie tied it up and now it is growing very nicely.

Yesterday we all went out to uncle Sam’s to dinner and had a very nice time indeed. Oh sister Anna! What do you think! Why yesterday evening I came into the study and saw a whole pack of music with rebel flag’s on them which belonged to Willie Goldsborough. We know it because we heard him practicing in the morning before we went out to the country. And Jeff Davis’ head on it; and southern states right’s march on it. I gave it to father who tied it up in paper and who put it in the closet under the whatnot and I saw nothing more of them. Father and sister Lillie have gone to church (and Alice and Ellen too) and I am left alone to write this letter.

So good by yours truly

Herbert Welsh

P.S. (I forgot to tell you that Willie Goldsborough was staying here.)

(After-ward father told me that he gave Willie Goldsborough those pieces of music when he came in and told him not to let them be seen again. I think Willie is Rebel. Give my love to cousin Sophy and miss Lord and keep threescore and ten for your self.)