Letter from J. Somers Smith Jr. to His Father from New Jersey, Aug. 5, 1888

This letter was from J. Somers Smith Jr. (1866-1956) to his father, J. Somers Smith (1828-1894) in Philadelphia, on stationery from the Baldwin Hotel in Beach Haven, New Jersey.

Aug. 5, 1888

Dear Father,

                I have decided to take advantage of your offer and advice to stay here a few days and so will not be up till Tuesday, and unless you send me word to be up in the morning, I shall not come till the afternoon. The carriage had better be at Upsal a little before  seven and wait. You can see by our “weekly Guide” the time the train from there is due at the wharf, and please ask William to have a hansom there for us.

It is lovely here and I am glad to be missing the heat I hear you have had. We have had no trouble at all with the mosquitoes.

If you put a letter in the box in time for the noon collection it will reach me in time for me to be at the office by ten next morning.

I find the afternoon train is due at the wharf ten minutes before six. Give my love to my Mother, & tell her that it has been foggy & rainy this afternoon. I have found my  merinoes very comfortable. The Hotel is very well kept, tho’ as yet not very full. The Engleside has an Elevator & the whooping cough. Mr. Heyward Drayton & his Pa came down with us. Cousin Edith was to drive over from her mother’s  to see you. Mary is now fanning me so hard I must stop. Your loving son,

                                                                                                                Somers Jr.