John Young and Somers Smith

John Young, 1866-1950, and J. Somers Smith, Jr., 1866-1956

This photograph, fortunately, is nicely labeled on the back as showing Somers Smith and John Young. The picture has a notation about Rome, December 17, 1870. Evidently, this is a photograph that was sent by Anna Maria Welsh Smith to her sister Alice Welsh, while Alice and other family members were in Rome. This information comes from a letter that is included elsewhere on this site. Based on that letter, Somers apparently is the boy on the right, wearing the fancy coat. According to my family tree information,  John Young (1866 – 1950), was John Welsh Young, son of Elizabeth Twells Welsh Young and her husband James B. Young. Elizabeth was a daughter of John Welsh, the Minister to England and a prominent citizen of Philadelphia, who lived from 1805 to 1886. Elizabeth lived from 1840 to April 1, 1930. Somers Smith was a son of Elizabeth’s sister, Anna Maria Welsh (1830-1914). She married J. Somers Smith (1828-1894), and they had a boy, J. Somers Smith, Jr., who must have been born about 1866, like John Young, first cousin. My records show that this J. Somers Smith lived on until 1956.

Here is a link to a university archives page with biographical information about the Smith family.