The Maris Family in the United States: A Record of the Descendants of George and Alice Maris, 1683-1885, Compiled for the Family by George L. and Annie M. Maris, West Chester, Pennsylvania, 1885.

This book provides an excellent compilation of the family history of the Maris family. My connection to this family is through Jemima Maris (1775-1854), who married John Welsh Sr. (1770-1854), the father of my great-great-grandfather, John Welsh (1805-1886). The book traces the family history of Jemima back to George Maris (1632-1705) and includes information about the descendants of John Welsh, up through the time of the book’s publication in 1885.

I am fortunate enough to have an original edition of this book, which has very high-quality photographs or drawings of several of the individuals discussed in the book. I have uploaded some of those images to this site. The book also is available in PDF form through several sites, and I have chosen a relatively good-quality PDF to make available through this site. That link is here.